Connected Systems Help Your Fleet Work Smarter

Consumer GPS tools and mapping software have evolved to give you real-time traffic info and alternate route options in case of delays, but without the ability to record and analyze this information, the best they can offer is triage. Monitoring your fleet of vehicles in real time and storing that data for ongoing review gives you insight into regular traffic pattern interruptions, school bus route changes, detours, and other unpublished navigation data. Using that data to plan for the future and react on the fly can give you cost-saving alternatives and an edge on your competition.

Connected fleet tracking systems now offer precise onboard diagnostics and positioning tools coupled with powerful analytics software that allows you to plan intelligently and adapt quickly to changing conditions. The ability to create the most effective route for any given day’s conditions lets you make more stops and improve customer satisfaction, and the ability to analyze your route and vehicle data over times allows you to make changes that add up to significant fuel and cost savings for your company. However, investing in fleet tracking equipment for future productivity and savings is frequently tabled by the immediate cost of implementing the necessary devices and the software that powers them.

Although the benefits of operating a connected fleet outweigh the cost of the upgrades, many business owners are not in a position to shoulder the upfront expense without dipping into cash reserves. Those that have more purchasing discretion often find it hard to justify a major expense that pays itself back with incremental gains. Luckily, there is a way to secure the fleet tracking tools your company needs now and pay for them over time with a portion of the savings they will generate.

By financing your fleet tracking equipment through a provider like TimePayment, you can outfit your vehicles and your home office with cutting-edge navigation and reporting systems as soon as possible, enabling you to increase efficiency and profitability. You can also upgrade your equipment whenever a major innovation in fleet tracking hits the market, reacting as quickly to the pace of evolving technology as you would to a detour on a frequently traveled route.

To learn more about leasing your fleet tracking equipment, the financial products available to you, and how you can boost efficiency and productivity with the latest fleet tracking technology, contact a representative of TimePayment today.

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