How to Become a Salon Owner

Have you considered making the move from being a hair stylist to becoming a salon owner, but felt the financial investment might be too much for you? Financing salon equipment might just be the way to make your dream a reality.

After all, there are many benefits to owning a salon. For example, the average hairdresser earns $27,530, but the average yearly income for a beauty salon owner is $57,800, and the average beginning income for a new salon owner is $47,600. So if you’re in the average, that means the jump from a hair stylist to a salon owner could mean an increase in salary by $20,000. And that’s just in the first year alone.

But the benefits of being a salon owner are not just financial. You get to set the tone of your environment – whether that is relaxing and comfortable or hip and edgy. You can set the salon’s schedule and prices. You are your own boss. And you’ll have built something for yourself, the hair stylists you employ and your customers.

Many hair stylists have this dream, but let the startup costs of owning a salon get in the way. Perhaps they fear the only way to get salon equipment is to max out their credit cards. Or maybe they worry their loans from beauty school could get in the way of getting more credit to finance the salon.

Don’t be one of those who spend their career behind the chair when you’d rather be owning the salon! Don’t let finances stop your dream from becoming reality. Instead, look into financing salon equipment and get started on your journey to salon ownership.

Basically, besides our floors, we have leased all of our equipment through TimePayment. TimePayment is the way to go.

– Paula D’Alessandro-Serani
Owner, Salon One

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