Winter Is Coming – Are Your Service Bays Ready?

Winter Is Coming – Are Your Service Bays Ready?

With temperatures dropping like autumn leaves, another harsh winter is only a few weeks away – and there are strong signs that this might be another one for the history books. You may have already noticed an uptick in business as conscientious customers prepare their cars for the season with winter tires, tune-ups, cooling system services, and fresh sets of wiper blades.

No amount of preparation can totally protect people from the reality of winter commuting, however, and the harsh climate and battered asphalt are bound to send plenty of business your way. Now is the time to make sure each of your service bays is equipped to handle any job. If your garage or service facility can’t maximize the profit potential of every square foot, you may find yourself turning away paying customers – potentially forever.

Winter driving is harder on every part of your customers’ cars, so it is critical that you have the right tools and equipment to diagnose and repair common problems in each of your available bays. Potholes and curb impacts take out wheels and tires in huge numbers, so having mounting and balancing machines and impact guns for each bay lets you get these jobs in and out quickly without disrupting service appointments.

Suspension components wear and break down on rough roads – lifts and alignment machines in each bay allow you to multiply the number of these jobs you can handle at once and boost your profit per hour. With the ability to service any need in any bay, you can perform three alignments at once, tackle two while swapping out a failed heater core, or perform a state inspection while completing an alignment and replacing a faulty defroster relay. The more jobs you can schedule at once, the more profit you can generate – and fast service leads to satisfied customers, referrals, and repeat business.

Adding capacity and service volume puts you in a position to earn more, but the upfront cost of mechanics’ tools and shop machines holds many business owners back. Fortunately, financing your automotive repair equipment through a company like TimePayment lets you get the tools you need now and pay for them over time in manageable installments. Most importantly, with winter right around the corner, financing enables you to start seeing ROI from your fully-equipped garage immediately.

To learn more about  how to affordably obtain your new automotive service equipment, the financial products available to you, and how you can increase productivity and profit with optimized service bays, contact a representative of TimePayment today.

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