Attract New Patients & Provide Better Care with State-of-the-Art Medical or Dental Equipment

Attract New Patients & Provide Better Care with State-of-the-Art Medical or Dental Equipment

With the Baby Boom generation reaching or approaching retirement age in droves, and life expectancy at the highest point in our history, more people than ever are in need of regular medical and dental care, and their numbers will continue to multiply for the foreseeable future. Fortunately for anyone seeking treatment or preventative care, the technology we use to monitor, diagnose, and treat patients has evolved dramatically.

Significantly, many procedures and tests that once could only be handled by hospitals and laboratories are now routinely performed in private medical and dental practices thanks to powerful, compact modern equipment. With such high-quality care available locally, more people than ever are seeking care at convenient private practices, and competing for their business means offering the latest tools and technologies to make your patients’ experiences in your office painless, efficient, and rewarding.

Relying on the power of nostalgia to bring back happy childhood memories might be a great way to sell Norman Rockwell prints, but outdated medical and dental equipment reduces patients’ confidence in their healthcare providers and turns away new patients seeking the highest standard of care. Outfitting your practice with the latest diagnostic and treatment tools not only shows your patients that you care about their well-being and want to offer them the best experience possible, it allows you to maximize the profitability of your practice by expanding your service offering without expanding your facility, providing care in the comfort of your office instead of referring patients elsewhere.

New equipment is also one of the most influential factors younger people consider when selecting a dentist or doctor. No prior generation associated technological innovation with quality to the extent that Millenials do, and with their numbers exceeding those of the Boomers in the workforce for the first time this year, vast numbers of young people are moving from their parents’ insurance plans to ones offered by their employers – and consequently choosing new primary care providers. If you want to put more new patients in your dental chairs and exam tables, you need to offer more services, and more sophisticated equipment, than ever before.

Patients of all ages love the convenience of getting a broad array of tests and procedures done at the local office of a doctor or dentist they already know and trust. Portable vital signs monitors, EKGs, electrocautery units, centrifuges, curing lights, and digital X-ray machines put more power in your office than even the best research hospitals could claim just a generation ago. Even routine physicals and dental cleanings are more comfortable and valuable than ever thanks to tools like ultrasonic scalers, digital spirometers, and cordless endodontic motors. The compact size of many of these devices also makes them perfect for nursing homes and assisted living facilities with healthcare professionals on staff.

Of course, all of these innovations have a price, and often it can add up beyond the point where even the most successful practice can cover the upfront cost. Thankfully, financing your medical and dental office equipment through a company like TimePayment lets you upgrade your equipment and add value for your patients immediately, and allows you to pay for it over time in manageable installments. Because you can begin offering expanded services right away, you can pay for your upgrades with the additional revenue your new equipment generates. Your older patients will thank you for giving them superior care, and your practice will be better positioned to attract younger clientele with equipment that doesn’t look like it belongs on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post.

To learn more about leasing your medical and dental office equipment, the financial products available to you, and how you can do more for patients of all ages, contact a representative of TimePayment today.

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