Are You Prepared for Restaurant 2.0?

It might be something as simple as a menu refresh, as involved as a facility renovation  with a  new commercial kitchen, or as exciting as a front-of-house  technology implementation that provides your diners the ability to order and pay direct from their table, but in whatever form it takes, leveraging the improved market for dining in 2015 means keeping up with your competition, and often that means obtaining new restaurant equipment that can keep your facility at the forefront of diners’ thoughts.

Per the National Restaurant Association (NRA), if you’re looking for benefits in both customer experience and cost reductions, the biggest impact in 2015 will come from the steadily increasing percentages of diners that are now looking for new restaurant technology to speed up, enhance, and  enrich their dining experiences. From tabletop POS, to online restaurant applications that can diners can use to research, reserve, order and pay for a dining experience even before they’ve even stepped in the door.

How happy would you make your chefs if you could provide them with near perfect certainty of the number and orders of every diner coming in tomorrow night – including specific prep requests? And how happy would you be if you could prepay for your consumables prior to guest arrival? There are so many reasons why these technologies are taking hold at restaurants from fine dining to fast food service, and why these technologies can pay for themselves with improvements in customer retention, cost reductions, and cash flow enhancement.

And while the trendiest of fine dining restaurants pursue the subtleties of Neuro and Molecular Gastronomies, more mainstream restaurants can have a significant impact on their own bottom line with simpler restaurant equipment purchases such as ice tables to add fresh oysters for the bar crowd, or refrigeration to support an increase in a local farm-to-table offering. Keeping up with the right trends is always challenging, but by leveraging equipment leasing you can minimize your upfront capital requirements without reducing your available cash or credit, and keep your restaurant at the leading edge without ever having to break your bank.

In short, it’s as good a market for restaurant growth and expansion as we’ve seen in the past 7 years, and we’re excited to support all of our great restaurateurs with financing for new or used kitchen equipment purchases, including POS and table technology, prep and display cabinetry.

Learn more about restaurant equipment financing options with TimePayment.

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