Advanced Products & Sales Tools

Watch sales grow as you add new financing capabilities.

Advanced Financing Products

The standard and advanced financing products and tools from TimePayment can help you sell better, sell more, and provide your customers with fast, easy, affordable financing.

Getting started with TimePayment is easy. Start anywhere in our service model to provide financing to your customers and our capabilities grow along with your business needs. Deeper integrations, dedicated sales agents and advanced finance technology and products when you are ready.

TimePayment advanced financing products and sales tools

TimePayment specializes in providing sales tools and advanced financing products for a wide range of industries and equipment types. We offer standard and customized solutions that helps vendors grow. With over 30 years of equipment financing experience that grew out of MIT, we have evolved to become one of the leading financing organizations supporting vendors.

Our standard and customizable vendor solutions can be grouped as online tools (including website integrations and sales tools) and advanced financial product offerings (including private “white-label” support and branding, dedicated sales agents, and contractual/financial structural specializations) :


Online Sales Tools

Website Solutions provide your customers with TimePayment financing options available through your website.

  • EasyApply™ is the basic online equipment finance application solution for website with direct links to your secure application portal.
  • SmartApply™ Buttons are a more advanced version of our EasyApply™ links that automatically calculate and display an “As Low As” price on your eligible products to encourage customers to apply for financing.
  • CartApply™ is an eCommerce shopping cart payment financing solution that provides enhanced features such as an “as low as” payment estimate at the beginning of the checkout process for the entire contents of the shopping cart to entice shoppers and demonstrate affordability.
  • TimePayment’s API is for custom development projects including items such as direct access to our proprietary credit decisioning engines and online documentation for your shoppers.
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Sales Tools online enable your team to close more deals, and the ability to offer affordable financing.

  • InfoHub™ Dealer Portal: Our online portal for submitting and tracking financing applications.
  • QuickQuote™ Lease Calculator Easily show customers what an estimated monthly payment might be, without having to log into TimePayment InfoHub™ or acquire your customer’s personal information. Try the QuickQuote™ Calculator Now!
  • ReadyDocs™ Once you have a completed application, you can access your customer’s credit decisions and initiate the creation of the necessary lease documents to complete  documentation and signature process online in just seconds.
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Advanced Financial Product offerings are available to our vendors as their sales grow and they require additional support offerings. Some of the major customized offerings include:

  • Contractual offerings to meet the vendor’s specific business and customer requirements such as specialized leasing programs, master leases and tech refresh.
  • Programs aimed as specific vendor targets such as challenged credit, startups and used equipment.
  • Technology including “white-labeled” customer portals, website integrations and private label transactions.
  • Service including asset management, 24/7 funding, 3rd party managed services, “white-label” service of vendor’s customers.
  • Structure including Fair Market Value (FMV) leases, rental agreements, lease terms and deferred payments.
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